Little Changes Does Matter

I have seen great men. One of them is Nyoman Suartanu. He – for some reason – has put big interest in breastfeeding. He is willing to do what common male not choose to do: becoming breastfeeding counselor. This is – of course – way beyond his task as a chief of public health section in North Jakarta District Health Office. As government person who work closely with Healthy Start Project since 1,5 years ago, he supports the SOS project – competition on Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding for Health Facilities in North Jakarta. The seriousness showed clearly not only when he assessed these health facilities, but also when he escorted SOS Project Winners to Faroe Islands.

He felt so blessed to be part of this visit as he got so much lessons of life. “I can see that in Faroe Islands, life is so peaceful that people appreciate nature as the teacher of life” as he told me on the journey back to Jakarta. Our visit to Faroe Islands was in the middle of cold weather, nevertheless, Nyoman saw that its people still do whatever they have to do. “They go along with the rhythm, don’t mind the weather!”


Moreover, he said,


“I have witnessed that Faroe Islands’ Officials are the one who serve its people. That fact leads me to provide better service to community in North Jakarta. This experience was such a reminder. I am hoping that all the representatives of winning health facilities could implement  what they have been doing in compliance with the Ten Steps, and could get lots of lesson learn from Faroe Islands’ experience to keep trying to make the best efforts for healthier citizens.”


I met him again at his office not too long ago and I saw changes. He served his guesses with offering drinks and prepared it himself, he came early to the office only to greet his colleagues – scenes that rarely seen in a leader.


He did not leave his heart in Faroe Islands, but he brought back his heart – that has been sharpened there, to be shared to others in his country.

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