Be Thankful

Healthy. Happy. 

Two words that is so powerful to me, that is always lead me to be thankful every single time. It also happen to be wish & doa. 

I am healthy. I take care of it, I mantain it with eating healthy food and exercising. I rarely get sick, and consume medicine. I am very aware of what my body needs.

I am happy because i have been chosen to be the parent of a great-talented-sweet child. For him to be one of my greatest teacher of life.
I am happy because I have all the support system I need. The parents who not only become my number one influencer, but also be the dependent-pals when I need it the most. Bigger Family who understand and respect me by not interfering so much. Friends who fit with who I am today and what have I achieved. Where everytime we discuss, brightest ideas come and be implemented. Work that shaping my potentials to the fullest. Surrounded by Things that making me more critical, social, caring, positive, sensitive. 

I can laughs, I feel loves, I am happy. And that happiness lead to healthiness, I really believe so.

Oh…… How I am so thankful ❤️