Be Thankful

Healthy. Happy. 

Two words that is so powerful to me, that is always lead me to be thankful every single time. It also happen to be wish & doa. 

I am healthy. I take care of it, I mantain it with eating healthy food and exercising. I rarely get sick, and consume medicine. I am very aware of what my body needs.

I am happy because i have been chosen to be the parent of a great-talented-sweet child. For him to be one of my greatest teacher of life.
I am happy because I have all the support system I need. The parents who not only become my number one influencer, but also be the dependent-pals when I need it the most. Bigger Family who understand and respect me by not interfering so much. Friends who fit with who I am today and what have I achieved. Where everytime we discuss, brightest ideas come and be implemented. Work that shaping my potentials to the fullest. Surrounded by Things that making me more critical, social, caring, positive, sensitive. 

I can laughs, I feel loves, I am happy. And that happiness lead to healthiness, I really believe so.

Oh…… How I am so thankful ❤️

Lucky #13

I am a lucky mother.
For 13 years, you rock my world RJ, you have no idea how important you are in my life. I don’t want to sound repeatedly, but saying this over and over again kinda remind me to be grateful.

You are my biggest life influencer, whereas soon to be world influencer!

In this special day, I don’t have present except my wishes which I have always mentioned everyday to Allah SWT. That you stay healthy, happy, bright, inspirative, loving and caring. That you become Soleh, braver responsible, and leader.

Overall, stay awesome and down to earth, Son. Love you unconditionally, forever <3