Let’s Talk About Breastfeeding!

3D, whenever we hear the word, surely we’ll be imagining seeing a movie with a special pair of glasses to see the motion pictures appear as if they’re right in front of us. An extraordinary sensation, that’s what we get after we see a 3D-movie. That’s exactly what the atmosphere like in the World Breastfeeding Week theme this year, Talk to me! Breastfeeding a 3D-experience


Mention the breastfeeding word, I bet the only thing pop up in our head is either a mother is breastfeeding her baby, or a mother who is busy having her pregnancy controlled at the doctor’s office then delivering the baby which follows by breastfeeding the baby, at the end the weaning process. Or we are thinking of a mother who always brings her baby to a health facility for immunization and checking the baby’s growth. Or imagining mothers who share experiences and problems in breastfeeding their babies. The main actor for the breastfeeding activity is the dynamic duo, the mom and the baby

But have we noticed? The couple needs supports from the people around them to achieve the success in breastfeeding.

The mother knows there are a lot of benefits in breastfeeding, for the baby and for herself. The mother also has the ability to breastfeed exclusively and continues for the next two years. However, is it enough? Knowing and wanting sometimes isn’t necessarily capable enough yet.

‘Isn’t capable enough yet’ because as the baby cries, the mother being judged not being able to calm the baby for the amount of breastfeeding milk isn’t enough yet. ‘Isn’t capable enough yet’ because the mother is being given a milk package by health officer as she comes back from the hospital. ‘Isn’t capable enough yet’ because the mother isn’t allowed to squeeze at work more than at break-time, lunches and a mother feels awkward to squeeze in public space.

Mom and baby need supports from all sides, starting from dad and other family members, colleagues at office, surroundings neighborhood and public places, the health officers in the health facilities, the government and its policies, for the success of breastfeeding.

There are ways required to breach boundaries, cross generations, sectors, gender, and culture to be able to share experiences and knowledge so it can spread like a breeze.

KomunikASI. That is the word to complete the fun adventure of 3D breastfeeding. Protect, promote and support the breastfeeding movement through breastfeeding communication (komunikASI). The fast way is to send across the breastfeeding information through the time and space limit. So easy with the instant technology nowadays such as Mailing-list, Facebook, Twitter, and BlackBerry messengers (BBM). Undeniable, Twitter makes it easy to spread the breastfeeding information.  BBM speeds up the search for solution and challenge in breastfeeding. These methods make KomunikASI easy


Let’s discuss these one at a time, Cross Generation and Culture


I remember my trip to Faroe Island, an autonomic country from Denmark. My team and I was taken to an elementary school to see how breastfeeding and how they feed the baby. The breastfeeding period has become the integrated part of the life cycle (same thing with pregnancy, delivering babies, growth and development). Breastfeeding becomes part of the series of health program which applied in the school. The subject is so familiar that children at this age talk about the importance of being breastfed and breastfeeding.


If you open the official website from the World Breastfeeding Week, http://worldbreastfeedingweek.org/, you will see lots of photos capturing the facilitators/instructors’ activities sharing about breastfeeding to young humans. Last October in the Global Breastfeeding Forum in Malaysia, Katherine Houng, a college/university student talked about how youth role in communicating breastfeeding (komunikASi). Last but not least, last April, the AIMI Chairman, Mrs Mia Sutanto, launched her first book titled, “Mom, what does little baby brother/sister eat?” which dedicated to very young children to give preliminary understanding  of a baby being breastfed.



Cross sectors and Genders


I will only take one of the examples. Does the three Ministries Decision Letter (SKB 3 Menteri) ring a bell? Let me refresh the letter, it mentions about the giving of breastfeeding milk during office hour at working place. That the three ministries : Ministry of Women and Child Protection, Ministry of Labors and Transmigration and Ministry of Health care about the working mothers who are still breastfeeding. This Letter focuses on two things; the giving of opportunity for working moms to breastfeeding dan/or squeeze breast for milk during office hour; and provide the space or a corner to squeeze for milk and/or breastfeeding. Each Ministry has duty and responsibility so that the breastfeeding information is being communicated (komunikASi) properly.


The wish is every person, every sector, every generation and every culture will be able to communicate (komunikASi) breastfeeding.  Whatever crossed your mind about giving support, promote and protect breastfeeding, just go for it! Even if it’s out of your league